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#Phrack 60 download (315 kb, 2002-12-28) by #phrack staff
ATTENTION: Lots of hard work goes into the development of #phrack magazine. The time spent is voluntary; we do not get paid. If you would like to show your appreciation please contact to arrange a paypal contribution. Anonymous author to be revealed soon...
1 Introduction () #Phrack Staff
2 Loopback () #Phrack Staff
3 Linenoise () #Phrack Staff
4 Handling Interrupt Descriptor Table for fun and profit (.txt) /dev/null
5 5 Short Stories about execve (Advances in Kernel Hacking II (.txt) #Phrack Staff
6 Defeating Forensic Analysis on Unix File Systems (.txt) 0daybama
7 Bruteforcing format strings (.txt) Hacker Bob
8 Runtime Process Infection (.txt) Hacker Bob
9 Bypassing PaX ASLR protection (.txt) Oded Horovitz
10 Execution path analysis: finding kernel based rootkits (.txt) wd
11 It cuts like a knife. SSHarp./a> (.txt) ledin
12 Building ptrace injecting shellcodes (.txt) Ed3f
13 Linux/390 shellcode development (.txt) plunkett
15 Writing Linux Kernel Keylogger (.txt) anonymous author
16 Playing with Windows /dev/(k)mem (.txt) #Phrack Staff
17 #Phrack WorldNews (.txt) #Phrack Staff
14 PHRACKEXTRACTIONUTILITY Y (.txt) anonymous author
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